Seeking to reduce medical waste, RevMed has launched an online B2B marketplace allowing hospitals and surgery centers to transact with one another. The RevMed marketplace allows facilities to recoup on over-purchased inventory and purchase needed items at lower prices and in lower quantities than available from their vendors. As their software platform, RevMed chose to implement Broadleaf Commerce’s Marketplace Solution.

“Broadleaf has provided a platform that was easily tailored to our vision,” said Daniel Crittenden, CEO at RevMed. “The combination of Broadleaf’s secure, enterprise-level scalability as well as customizability allowed us to quickly build a proprietary platform that is going to unlock significant savings for our users.”

Utilizing Broadleaf’s Marketplace Solution, RevMed has created a custom facility onboarding process that enables users to easily scan and list excess inventory for sale. Buyers looking for savings can search the more than 3 million medical devices on the site and create custom watchlists to be notified when deals are available. Numerous custom features have been implemented which make for an enjoyable user experience and significantly reduce the friction of monetizing excess inventory.

“At Broadleaf, we were excited to provide a platform that suits every commerce complexity RevMed needed,” stated Brad Buhl, CRO at Broadleaf Commerce. “With Broadleaf’s Microservice-based technology, RevMed has a platform able to handle commerce complexity today and commerce innovation tomorrow.”

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About RevMed

RevMed is a peer-to-peer, online marketplace strictly for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to securely buy and sell medical devices, implants, and equipment. RevMed unlocks value for all clients, giving buyers the option to purchase items at a discount to full price while also allowing sellers to recoup value from a situation that would previously have either resulted in a deeply discounted sale, or a complete write-off. For more information visit:

Daniel Crittenden

About Broadleaf Commerce, LLC

Broadleaf Commerce believes in furthering commerce innovation and empowering teams to solve complex B2B and B2C challenges across catalog (PIM), content (CMS), Omnichannel, Multi-site, and Marketplace solutions. As the leading choice for enterprise organizations requiring open technologies that are highly extensible, customizable, and scalable, Broadleaf provides an eCommerce platform built on cloud-native microservice architecture and supported by a team of expert engineers and consultants. For more information visit:

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