Broadleaf Commerce, the award-winning, open source software provider for building customized eCommerce solutions, will be exploring mobile strategy during the 'Mobile Strategy: Responsive vs. Adaptive Web Design' web event on November 10, 2015 at 10am CST. During the web event, based on Broadleaf architect Elbert Bautista's blog, Broadleaf Commerce's Phillip Verheyden will discuss why maintaining a well-designed mobile story should be of the utmost priority when developing and designing an effective mobile story and the framework's role in providing great eCommerce experiences.

Web Design Glossary:

Responsive - Responsive web design permits content to adjust and adapt depending on the size of the device on which it is being viewed, providing the optimal viewing experience of a website.

Adaptive - Adaptive web design varies from responsive web design in that there is not a single layout that adjust and changes to fit each device, but rather individual layouts built to fit each device.

RESS - Responsive design plus server-side components combines the layouts of adaptive web design with server-side component optimization. A particular set of layout templates defines an entire site for all devices, but specific components within the site maintain device-specific implementations that are rendered server side.

"We've always recommended that clients thoroughly understand and evaluate the pros and cons of mobile design approaches upfront," stated Elbert Bautista, Software Architect at Broadleaf Commerce. "When working with customers on their mobile strategy, we've found the most successful results come from a combination of design principles." This is important as evidenced in a number of studies, including research done by Criteo, in which the top quartile retailer sees '64% of their mobile transactions via smartphones.'

"Our clients are building great solutions to improve mobile experiences for their customers," added Brian Polster, CEO of Broadleaf Commerce. "Our job at Broadleaf is to continue to provide tools to help our clients innovate at faster pace."

Watch the web event here.

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