Owning multiple brands and consequently multiple sites is a blessing that can become overwhelming. ICON Health and Fitness used to be one of these companies. Managing 14 sites on different platform deployments was beginning to become a challenge, with business processes overly complicated.

Leveraging Broadleaf’s Multi-Site Edition, ICON was able to manage all 14 sites primarily using both shared catalogs and distinct catalogs per site from a single administrative interface. Site performance more than doubled while simultaneously improving development velocity. Having the ability to control all business processes from a single interface made a once complicated system much easier to access and maintain.

Users can provision new sites with standard pre-built templates. Management of the sites are controlled through Content Profiles which allow users to set up pages, content items and content zones for the sites they manage.

With Content Profiles, a hierarchy of profiles can be made with a parent profile and child profiles derived from the parent. When creating a site, a user would associate a profile with the site, and the site will then take on the behavior of that particular content profile.

Controlling multiple brands or sites through a single interface does not mean sacrificing the details either. You can manage from a global scope to individual sites as a super user, allowing users to be as wide or narrow in their editing capability as needed. The Multi-Site Edition provides fine-grained authorization control over categories, products, content, and users on a per-site and/or per catalog basis.

Catalog association to these sites is done in two ways, site editable catalogs and site read-only catalogs. With a site editable catalog, users have the ability to access the catalog of the site and make edits. If there is a master catalog that is strictly managed and your team wants to be sure that there are no overrides on any sites, the site read-only catalog allows the site to make use of a master catalog without any management capability.

Owning multiple brands and consequently sites is a blessing that can become overwhelming. Broadleaf provides an intuitive Multi-Site edition that can manage multiple brands from one interface. ICON Health & Fitness is now managing 11 different brands and 14 different sites on a single code base through Broadleaf.