Broadleaf Commerce, the open-source software provider for building customized solutions, is proud to announce the site re-launch of datacenterHawk. datacenterHawk empowers data center customers and professionals across the U.S. by providing tools to make data center search quick and painless. The newly deployed website further echoes the innovation and excellence of the datacenterHawk brand. With real-time, industry-leading data, the newly deployed website is hosted and powered by Broadleaf Commerce.

"datacenterHawk has supplied something truly unique for the data services industry," says Daniel Colgrove, Director of Account Management at Broadleaf Commerce. "With their newest site implementation, datacenterHawk provides the unparalleled ability to connect brokers, providers, investors, and vendors. Data center solutions, whether they're colocation, cloud, or site solutions, are now searchable based on location, kilowatts needed, and market providing comprehensive results, instantly."

The new datacenterHawk site features a customized admin interface, improved search channels, and heightened scalability. The new site provides reduced load times and highly tailored, accurate search results - improving the overall customer experience and delivering unmatched search quality. From geographically locating the perfect provider, to hazard mapping, to market research insights, to creating side-by-side comparison reports, the new datacenterHawk site streamlines the entire selection process.

"Broadleaf Commerce is the perfect platform for us to build our datacenterHawk suite of cloud-based tools," says David Liggitt, President and CEO of datacenterHawk. "We continually are improving datacenterHawk to make it easy for our customers to get the real-time data they need to easily find answers. Broadleaf Commerce makes it easy for us to be flexible and respond to the needs of the market and quickly add new features to datacenterHawk's suite."

About datacenterHawk
datacenterHawk creates tools to make life easier for data center customers and professionals. datacenterHawk keeps a sharp eye on the industry and develops cutting-edge tools to make the data center search quick and painless. datacenterHawk aims to empower data center customers and professionals across the U.S. through innovation and excellence.

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