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The initial match between Mexico and Brazil resulted in a scoreless game.

The tiebreaker of the match was settled at Broadleaf Commerce between Mexico representative Jerry Ocanas and Brazil representative Andre Azzolini in the form of a Ping-Pong challenge.

Ocanas began with the "granny shot" technique in order to make the shot into the fishbowl. Azzolini opted to make his shots in an "overhand" fashion, quickly making him the crowd favorite. Analyzing the arc of Azzolini’s shots, it was easy to see that it would be a difficult match.

ping pong

Event bystanders knew that times were getting hard for Mexico when Azzolini barely brushed Ocanas’ shoulder and Ocanas flopped like a fish out of water. Rolling on the ground and grabbing at his ankle, Ocanas repeatedly asked for a red card.

Spectator Ché Macy was nervous watching the event. "As a fan of Mexico, I was really hoping to see Jerry come out victorious," Macy said. "I have no idea why the ref didn’t card Brazil. I think Ocanas was robbed."

The anticipation was building as fans down the hall could hear the near misses of Ping-Pong balls bouncing off the rim of the fishbowl.

In the end, Mexico underwhelmed in dramatic fashion against Brazil.

Final score, Brazil 1 - Mexico 0