Broadleaf Commerce, the award-winning, open-source software provider for building customized eCommerce solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with a leading consulting and technology firm, Pranion Technology Ventures. As a global solution provider, Pranion focuses on architecting and engineering elegant technology solutions to large and complex business problems. Pranion will now be a global reseller of the Broadleaf framework.

With a core focus on architecting and engineering elegant technology solutions, Pranion focuses on enhancing the business profitability of its clients by offering true-value consulting and fits-like-a-glove solutions around the technology needs of clients.

"We are very happy that we chose Broadleaf for building an eCommerce site for a jewelry customer," said Deepak Ramesh, Director of Pranion. "Since the launch five months ago, we are increasingly confident that a feature-rich, flexible, and scalable platform such as Broadleaf has put our customer on the right trajectory for future growth. Pranion is very excited about partnering with Broadleaf. Together, we see a lot of potential for adoption across all sizes of eCommerce project requirements."

Pranion will offer the Broadleaf framework to its customers, utilizing the platform to build robust and dynamic eCommerce solutions. This partnership is driven by the common goal to serve customers better by leveraging the best of both worlds—Pranion's global delivery model and Broadleaf's efficient and feature-rich platform. While Broadleaf provides the building blocks of the eCommerce architecture, Pranion provides the differentiating development, integration strategy, and expertise knowledge to create industry and horizontal solutions to solve customer problems.

"Working with some of the world's largest online retailers, it was imperative that Broadleaf partner with a leading technology and consulting company that has the skills and engineering expertise required by enterprise brands. We have found exactly that with Pranion Technology," said Brad Buhl, COO of Broadleaf Commerce. "With Pranion's industry knowledge, clients utilizing the Broadleaf solution will receive exceptional customization and a streamlined platform solution."

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About Pranion Technology Ventures, Pvt Ltd
Pranion is a consulting and technology firm. We focus on architecting and engineering elegant technology solutions to large and complex business problems. Our client's business profitability is enhanced through our true-value and fits-like-a-glove solutions around their technology needs. For more information, visit:

About Broadleaf Commerce, LLC

Broadleaf Commerce provides B2B and B2C eCommerce platform solutions to simplify the complexities of multi-channel commerce and digital experience management. As the market-leading choice for enterprise organizations requiring tailored, highly scalable commerce systems, Broadleaf is fully customizable and extensible. Trusted by Fortune 500 corporations, yet priced for the mid-market, Broadleaf provides the framework for leading brands, including Pep Boys,The Container Store, and O’Reilly Auto Parts. For more information, visit: