Broadleaf Commerce, the Enterprise Open Source eCommerce Platform, now includes support for Ratings and Reviews of products for the demo site, The Heat Clinic. This includes:

Ratings Summaries

Your customers can now view ratings and reviews for a product. On each product page, there is a new section dedicated to displaying the average star rating given to a product by the community, as well as the total number of reviews for a product. The top three reviews voted as 'most helpful' by the community are displayed on the page by default.

Ratings Summaries

Creating a Review

Each customer has the ability to give a star-rating (out of five) for a product and write a review.

Creating A Review


In order for a customer to create a review, the customer must be registered within the system and logged in.

Review Authentication

Coming Soon...

In the near future the Ratings and Reviews features will be enhanced with:

  • The ability to vote for a review as helpful/not helpful
  • Update your existing rating/review for a product
  • View all ratings/reviews for a product
  • Ratings and reviews documentation

Try It Out!

Ratings and Reviews are located on any product detail page. Navigate to our Heat Clinic Demo Site. Login or register to The Heat Clinic to create a review. Click on any product, such as Hoppin' Hot Sauce. The Ratings and Reviews section is located just beneath the product images. Feel free to submit one yourself!

More About Broadleaf

Broadleaf Commerce uses a robust, extensible architecture that enables customization and rapid development. It is built on the Spring Framework, which is the leading platform to build and run enterprise Java applications. By leveraging the Broadleaf Commerce solution, companies will benefit from key distinctions such as its low cost of ownership and best of breed open source frameworks. Broadleaf Commerce continues to focus on developing and enhancing its eCommerce platform in order to provide online retailers a cost-effective alternative to traditional software platforms.