Broadleaf Commerce, the leading software provider for custom commerce solutions, is proud to announce a live web event revealing the new Quote Management B2B feature. During the event, Broadleaf engineers Cade Rea and Elbert Bautista will review the features key to supporting heightened B2B commerce capabilities. The live web event will also explore the utilization of Quote Management and the concepts this feature is built on.

“The Quote Management module has a number of features that enhance the B2B experience and give the opportunity to benefit from the trends we see in the sector,” stated Cade Rea, Software Engineer at Broadleaf Commerce. “The feature provides a record of communications and negotiation in the same place that the purchase takes place, instead of being lost to a cluttered inbox or remembered from a phone call.”

Expanding on the platform’s robust B2B features, Quote Management gives customers the ability to start the conversation at their convenience. The new capability enables businesses and customers to add custom line items to quotes that can be priced and sold like standard catalog items. Quote Management features covered in the event will include quote negotiation, status, and record of changes within the Broadleaf administrative interface, as well as quote messaging between customers and the back-office sales team.

“Quote Management with Broadleaf Commerce” will be recorded and available on the Broadleaf Commerce website following the live event. For questions regarding Broadleaf Commerce and the services offered by the eCommerce platform provider, please visit