Broadleaf Commerce, the company that provides the enterprise open source eCommerce solution, today announced a partnership with Credera, a business and technology consulting firm. The partnership will allow Credera to customize and integrate Broadleaf Commerce for online retailers seeking a cost-effective alternative to traditional software platforms.

"Credera spun off Broadleaf Commerce earlier this year and is uniquely qualified as the Premiere Implementation Partner. Given the synergies between the two companies, a partnership with Credera just makes sense," said Brian Polster, CTO with Broadleaf Commerce. "Our goal is to grow our partner delivery network to 5-10 other qualified implementation partners over the next year."

Broadleaf Commerce uses a robust, extensible architecture that enables customization and rapid development. By leveraging the Broadleaf Commerce solution, companies will benefit from key distinctions such as its low cost of ownership and best of breed open source frameworks. Broadleaf Commerce continues to focus on developing and enhancing its eCommerce platform in order to provide online retailers a cost-effective alternative to traditional software platforms.

"We are thrilled with the opportunity to join on as the Premiere Implementation Partner for Broadleaf Commerce. The open source eCommerce product offers tremendous potential for the retail community," said Rob Borrego, President and CEO of Credera. "This agreement brings together the product creators with Credera's consultants who have deep technical expertise and knowledge of open source solutions. It's a win-win for any client."