Broadleaf Commerce, the open source software provider for customized enterprise eCommerce solutions, is proud to announce a live web event revealing new merchandising and promotion features in version 5.1. Presented by Broadleaf engineers Jon Fleschler and Chris Kittrell, “Version 5.1 Reveal: Merchandising and Promotions” will explore heightened merchandising capabilities, including Product Add-Ons, Promotion Messages, Cart Rules, and Purchase-Based Customer Segments.

Product Add-Ons

Broadleaf Product Add-Ons allow businesses to build configurable Products and Product Bundles, enabling site visitors to select from predefined packages. The enterprise feature allows merchandising teams to define items intended to be sold in conjunction with a given product.

Promotion Messages

The live web event will also explore the construction of Promotion Messages within the Broadleaf interface. “Promotion Messages give business users the ability to actively promote offers and sales throughout the customer-facing site by displaying a message or image with a product listing,” stated Chris Kittrell, Software Engineer at Broadleaf Commerce. “These messages can be configured to display in different contexts including catalog browsing, product detail pages, and in the customer’s cart.”

Cart Rules

Expanding on the platform’s existing offers engine, version 5.1 provides businesses the ability to automatically modify a customer’s cart based on recently added items or cart conditions. Business users may establish when the Cart Rule should be activated, and which actions should be taken once the Cart Rule is triggered.

Purchase-Based Customer Segments

Additionally, the event will delve into the concept of Purchase-Based Customer Segments. Purchase-Based Customer Segments allow users to define groups of customers based on their purchase history. Utilizing these segments, businesses are able to build targeted offers, sales, or customer loyalty program incentives.

Those interested in attending the live web event, or other future Broadleaf Commerce web events, may register to do so at

“Version 5.1 Reveal: Merchandising and Promotions” will be recorded and available on the Broadleaf Commerce YouTube channel following the live event. For questions regarding Broadleaf Commerce and the services offered by the eCommerce platform provider, please visit