Broadleaf Commerce, the open source software provider for building customized solutions, is proud to announce their continued focus on business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce solutions, including a recently published white paper for the B2B aftermarket industry.

"We're at a crucial intersection of technical capability and real business problems," says Brian Vilmer, VP of Business Development at Broadleaf Commerce and author of the recent white paper. "With issues ranging from end customer personalization and complex distribution models to catalog and content control, today's aftermarket B2B companies can regain control over the entire process, from "hello" to PO."

Written from a business point-of-view, Broadleaf's latest white paper covers why eCommerce for the aftermarket is so important, the unique challenges of deploying and managing an eCommerce solution in the aftermarket industry, how to implement a best-in-class eCommerce system, and how to financially justify a modern eCommerce system.

"When B2B aftermarket customers log into a reseller site, the system should be smart enough to know everything about that customer, from owned products and service level agreements to purchasing authority and contracts," states Vilmer. "Every customer touch-point during the supply chain should be measured, monitored, and managed. With modern eCommerce frameworks like Broadleaf Commerce, B2B aftermarket companies are able to out-perform, out-service, and outpace the competition with higher margins and a lower total cost of ownership."

About Broadleaf Commerce, LLC

Broadleaf Commerce is the owner of an open-source eCommerce framework targeted at facilitating the development of enterprise-class, commerce-driven sites by providing a robust data and services model, a rich administration platform, and specialized tooling that takes care of core commerce functionality providing the framework for companies such as The Container Store, Pep Boys, and Vology. For more information, visit: