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Broadleaf Commerce, the enterprise open source eCommerce solution provider for The Container Store and Pep Boys, invites online retailers to explore the new content testing module during the 'A/B Testing with Broadleaf and Google Experiments' web event on April 15, 2014 at 10am CST. Leveraging the power of Google Analytics and Google Experiments, Broadleaf now enables Marketers and Merchandisers to run enhanced A/B and multivariate testing on content, campaigns, templates, customer segments, and more.

Content Testing Features Broadleaf enhances on top of Google Experiments include:

  • Test Set-Up within the Broadleaf Admin Tool
  • Automatic Page Tagging
  • Specific Customer Segment Testing
  • Targeted Content Testing (no additional development required)
  • Custom Variable Testing (no additional development required)
  • Template Testing (within a single URL)
  • Multi-Variant Testing (within a single URL)

"A/B and multivariate testing may now be set-up through Broadleaf's Admin Tool, giving merchandisers and marketers the ability to optimize site content - without requiring IT support," stated Brad Buhl, Director of Marketing and Channel Strategy at Broadleaf Commerce. "The new module provides Broadleaf merchants with a competitive edge by giving business teams the independence to quickly create content testing, ensuring site visitors are met with content best tailored to drive the desired end goal." According to a recent Optimizely study, "only 17% of Fortune 500® companies use an A/B testing platform."

"The Content Testing Module with the out-of-box Google Experiments integration provides an important tool for web marketing and merchandising teams to build highly optimized eCommerce sites," said Brian Polster, President, Broadleaf Commerce. "This module furthers our mission to provide eCommerce solutions that allow companies to best leverage their business and technical teams."

Online businesses interested in learning more about the content testing module are invited to attend the upcoming web event:

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Broadleaf Commerce is the owner of an open-source, eCommerce framework targeted at facilitating the development of enterprise-class, commerce-driven sites by providing a robust data and services model, a rich administration platform, and specialized tooling that takes care of core commerce functionality - providing the framework for companies such as The Container Store, Pep Boys, Vology, and Ganz. For more information, visit: http://www.broadleafcommerce.com.