Headless Commerce

Headless Commerce

Build the eCommerce solution you need today and tomorrow with Broadleaf's Headless solution. APIs packaged as microservices as well as over 1,000 API endpoints guarantee superior functionality.
Multi-Site eCommerce

Multi-Site eCommerce

Manage multiple brands with separate carts, catalogs, customers, and more. Broadleaf's Multi-Site solution leverages a microservice-based framework to provide clients the capability to manage their own data and experience.
Unified Commerce

Unified Commerce

Go beyond Omnichannel with Broadleaf's Unified Commerce solution. Using a hub-and-spoke approach, the microservice-based commerce framework ensures every channel provides a premium customer experience.
Subscription Commerce

Subscription Commerce

Create a Subscription Platform with Digital Entitlement integrations that supports custom schedule, cycle configuration, dunning rules, and more. Broadleaf’s Microservice-based Subscription and Entitlement features support any type of subscription billing use case.
Marketplace eCommerce

Marketplace eCommerce

Control everything from vendor managed catalogs to customer checkout with Broadleaf's Microservice-based Marketplace solution. Achieve optimal multi-vendor management without complexity through a single solution.
B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce

Master and wield B2B eCommerce complexity with Broadleaf. From account based ordering to equiping CSRs with every possible advantage, Broadleaf's B2B solution facilitates innovation and time to value.

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Dubai Store
ICON Health & Fitness
O'Reilly Auto Parts
The Container Store
Tuesday Morning
Telefonica O2
Scalability Cover

Broadleaf Commerce: Scalability Study

In this white paper, test results demonstrate Broadleaf Commerce scales horizontally with microservices, ideal for cloud-based environments, especially those leveraging Kubernetes. In addition, results show Broadleaf’s FlexPackage technology has been proven to enable the deployment of a large microservice architecture that can fit into any budget.

Broadleaf proved real business use cases across multiple scenarios, demonstrating:

  • Thousands of transactions per second
  • Tens of thousands of concurrent users
  • Millions of products
  • Billions of dollars worth of sales
  • Unified Commerce: The Speed of Change Report

    Broadleaf Commerce and Artisan Studios take a deep dive into data collected from top retail executives in the Unified Commerce: Speed of Change report.

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