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Broadleaf Commerce 5.2.7-GA

Release date: December 6th, 2018


This is the 7th patch release for Broadleaf Framework 5.2.x. To upgrade a 5.2.x application to the 5.2.7-GA release, it should only require updating the parent pom.xml broadleaf-boot-starter-parent to

Library Dependency Updates

  • Mvel2 to 2.4.3.Final
  • tika-core to 1.19.1
  • antisamy to 1.5.7

An at-a-glance view of the issues that were closed in this release:

Critical Bugs(1)

  • Fix for issue where Password field's label was displaying the actual password value

Major Bugs(8)

  • Fix for handling empty date fields in the admin.
  • Fix for handling null or an empty string in structured content's id.
  • Fix for displaying custom error message after property validation failure.
  • Fix Null point error when viewing classes in the Approvals section that do not have an AdminSection attached to them
  • Fix for honoring product start date
  • Fix issue for chrome58 where WYSIWYG editor was not correctly marking up the text
  • Change foreign key lookups on Content Items to show the entity's name, not ID
  • If the object name is blank, do not append the appName in AnnotationJmxAttributeSource

Minor Bugs(14)

  • Adding Auditable listener to OrderItemImpl
  • Creating OrderItemPriceDetail and OrderItemQualifier in OrderItemDaoImp using entity configuration
  • Return true when defaultValue is defined so that the UI does not show NO VALUE SELECTED option incorrectly
  • Fixed for the issue where readOtherEntitiesWithPropertyValue does not support read property name with dot (".") such as
  • The collection SkuImpl#productOptionValueXrefs is the HashSet but SkuProductOptionValueXref doesn't override the equals and hashCode so added them
  • Fix for a NPE that occurs in AdminNavigationServiceImpl
  • Fix for a bug in SequenceGeneratorCorruptionDetection
  • Force all Admin images extension to be lowercase to avoid issues of not rendering
  • Fix for the ability to sort by price after adding a price filter.
  • Fix for issue when deleting (archiving) a product, the associated skus were not getting archived
  • Created anonymous customer if no customer present in API calls.
  • Fix NPE when visitng Checkout as Customer without a Real Cart
  • Fix for JS error which disables links when the Admin error page loads
  • Remove the currency prefix from the value based on the current currency


  • Update minification to skip files that have min in their file extension


  • Added "Locale" row in BLC_ADMIN_SECTION
  • Set ActiveID cookie to secure out-of-the-box
  • Disabling the out-of-box ehcache overflow to disk feature
  • Allow loading of CSS resource bundles to be deferred
  • Enhance image static asset handling
  • Introduce logging to warn against incorrect page/item management for StreamCapableTransactionalOperations
  • Enhanced FieldDefinition fields with @AdminPresentation so that they could be overridden, and added more field types to DynamicSupportedFieldTypes enumeration so that more basic fields are available in the admin.

Total Resolved Issues: 31