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Broadleaf Commerce 5.2.3-GA

Release date: February 8, 2018


This is the 3rd patch release for Broadleaf Framework 5.2.x. To upgrade a 5.2.x application to the 5.2.3-GA release, it should only require updating the parent pom.xml broadleaf-boot-starter-parent to

New and Noteworthy

An extra deployment of the broadleaf-boot-starter-parent released

During the 5.2.3-GA release, an update of the Export Module was missed requiring a special build of that module and one additional release of the broadleaf-boot-starter-parent project. To use the latest release of 5.2.3-GA, the broadleaf-boot-starter-parent should be configured to "".

Update Spring Security to the latest patch release

Spring security was updated to the latest patch release 4.2.4 which addressed CVE-2017-8030.

Update Spring, Spring Boot and Jackson dependencies

Updated to Spring 4.3.14, Spring Boot 1.5.10, and Jackson 2.8.11

An at-a-glance view of the issues that were closed in this release:

Critical Bugs(1)

  • Offer Codes cannot be added to an Offer

Major Bugs(13)

  • Moved the placement of the select/edit/delete icons in the admin farther up on the image so that thumbnail (resized images) will still have the icon in a focusable area.
  • Ensure all Filter implementations do not use @Resource for standalone Tomcat
  • Changed ConditionalOnAdmin to rely on a bean rather than ConditionalOnBroadleafEnum
  • Fix issue where Content Item rules on a ContentTargeter would cause an NPE
  • Added new entity count methods for static assets and categories
  • Remove subclasses of domain objects that appear as properties in other beans
  • Fixed issue where a system property was incorrectly cached as null when resolved in multiple ways
  • Field discovery in BLCFieldUtils is not efficient
  • SystemPropertiesServiceImpl uses the Spring Environment inefficiently
  • Error when adding an image on a product with changes
  • Fixed issue where debugQuery=true was passed to Solr on every single query
  • Offers Not Applied to Products with Comma in Name
  • Use the raw product option value to get skus when adding to cart instead of the translated value.

Minor Bugs(15)

  • Rework the asset-grid replace to make sure the images get loaded correctly when the tab loads
  • Fixed issue where BLC was swapping Solr cores when there was an error during reindexing.
  • Fixed IndexField's view all list grid filter and sort.
  • Rule Builders in Customer Segment issues
  • Fixed issue where JUnitTransactionalSetup was not properly annotated
  • Added LDAP admin user provisioning process to add ROLE_ to existing roles
  • ListGrid bugfix involving listgrid template and ListGrid.hideIdColumn
  • Redactor widget not styling text
  • Content Targeter page variable error
  • Fixed "Error While Parsing Rule" for "is between" date rules via rule builder.
  • Community: New Simple Template not working
  • Add method to return all possible resource paths
  • Page field translations via admin ui persist with wrong entity type
  • Product Add-Ons Don't Allow Separate Skus
  • Content Items in the admin are only pulling in content data for up to the max results (50)


  • Added ability in the admin for the SKU Modal tabs to lazy load
  • Added ability to force customers to change their passwords
  • Added extension point to allow easier modifications of solr field names


  • Remove error logging when product options aren't set during AddToCart
  • Update Spring Security to the latest patch release 4.2.4 for CVE-2017-8030
  • Allow listgrid fields to utilize a custom renderer
  • Need a way to establish dependency between async javascript bundles
  • Added Right to Left support in the admin
  • Introduce the ability to gather Skus in batches for large catalogs
  • Update Spring, Spring Boot and Jackson dependencies to the latest patch releases (4.3.14, 1.5.10, 2.8.11)
  • Google CDN does not recognize .js and .css files
  • SEO Enhancements - Canonical Urls with Pagination, Pagination Meta Tags, & Sitemap Enhancements
  • Enhance ClassTransformer flexibility
  • Added sku to the configurable order item request
  • Helper code for importing customers
  • Enhance ClassTransformer flexibility

Total Resolved Issues: 45