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Broadleaf Commerce 5.2.4-GA

Release date: May 10, 2018


This is the 4th patch release for Broadleaf Framework 5.2.x. To upgrade a 5.2.x application to the 5.2.4-GA release, it should only require updating the parent pom.xml broadleaf-boot-starter-parent to 5.2.4-GA.

New and Noteworthy

With three different Product Types, Admin menu has options to view each types Products, Bundles, Add-on Products. To add ability to view all the types in single window All Products has been added in Admin menu.
All Products includes all types of products. The traditional regular Products has been renamed to Base Products. In Order to view the All Products option setup following permissions in database:

VALUES (-2, 3000, -1, 'All Products', 'All Products', '/product', 'org.broadleafcommerce.core.catalog.domain.Product');

-- All Products

Update Spring Boot

Spring Boot was updated to 1.5.13 -`
Spring was updated to 4.3.16

SearchFacetValueWrapper/SearchFacetResultDTO getValueKey() method

An enhancement has been made to how the valueKey is returned from the SearchFacetResultDTO. The value returned is a URL. In previous releases the raw value was returned. Starting in 5.2.4-GA, the value returned will be an UTF-8 encoded URL. For backward compatibiity, a method getUnencodedValueKey() has been added to support retieving the raw valueKey, if needed.

An at-a-glance view of the issues that were closed in this release:

Critical Bugs(1)

  • Addressed issue where rules where failing to evaluate when using the APIs

Major Bugs(13)

  • Handle Spring 4.3.16 bean creation changes in tests
  • Fix for Error removing a child order item from the cart
  • Added support for setting map values to null through fields such as custom fields
  • Fix for Address issue where entities where getting incorrectly their updated date changed when browsing the site
  • Fixed issue where Offer stays applied after removing
  • Fix for Sku's getMultiValueSkuAttributes which has inaccurate return type
  • Fix for Disallow adding archived skus to cart
  • Fix for Product Add-ons appearing in the Product List in the admin
  • Fix For Validation not happening on dynamic forms (pages and structured content)
  • Fixed issue where the query cache wasn't invalidated when OMS updated sku inventory
  • Fix for Auto-generate URLs for base products
  • Fix for Community - 404 Page not shown when trying to find PageImpl that was deleted
  • Fix for Community - Save Button does not re-enable when correcting validation errors on Product add

Minor Bugs(25)

  • Replaced MimeUtil with Apache Tika for mime type detection
  • Add methods to skip cache when retrieving order, fix potential synchronization problems with sending order persisted events
  • Fixed issue where hidden modals on the page prevented clearing entity form state on submission
  • Fixed issue where Translation links are broken when page type is changing
  • Fixed issue where Pasting Text into an HTML field in the admin does not trigger the save button to be enabled
  • Fix for Add the current page to the meta title
  • Fixed issue where Translation links in modals were not getting enabled
  • Fix for Offer Validation and Rule-builder Errors
  • Ensure that item attributes and child items are copied over for non-discrete order items when going from wishlists to carts
  • Using @Resource to resolve the fileExtensionWhitelist dependency in ProcompressedArtifactFilter
  • Show the exclamation point icon with error description
  • Fixed redactor HTML entities encoding inside noscript tag.
  • Added ability to handle extended map entity xrefs through the admin
  • Fixed issue where rules based on Locale couldn't be promoted
  • Fixed issue where Non-discrete order item attributes and child items are not copied over when creating an item request from an existing order item
  • Fixed issue where "Featured Armageddon" page cannot be edited in the Admin: Incorrectly Marking Page Name as Too Long
  • Fix for Modal's tabs are not populated when modal displays more then once
  • Fixed and refactored LDAP admin user provisioning to better handle mapping of roles/authorities
  • Fix Google Analytics Processor to be compatible with non-discrete order items
  • Fix for Image corruption can occur when multiple treatments for the same image are requested concurrently
  • Ensure that the max image upload check is case insensitive when checking the file extension
  • Fixed issue where Solr delete queries did not filter out non-product documents
  • Fix admin JS edit filter errors caused when subRules are undefined
  • URL encode square brackets in facet range filters to support Tomcat 8.5.31
  • Fixes the issue where adding condition on cart rules break the page.


  • Allow image uploads in the admin to be limited separately from file uploads
  • Always keep translations disabled on adds
  • Use INFO-level logging for sequence generator corruption that gets auto-fixed
  • Enable creating SystemEvents without a dependency on the ScheduledJobsAndEvents module
  • Ensure that dynamic forms in the admin respect field ordering in their field definitions


  • Provide a convenience method for obtaining the topmost production clone ID in a multi-tenant hierarchy
  • CSRF token exception is not handled by Spring Boot error handling when deploying as a .war file
  • Locale changes are not correctly detected in the admin
  • Simplified Product Option Validation so that it's easier to understand
  • Delegate to the Spring Boot default multi-part limits for file uploads
  • Update to the latest patch versions of Spring and Spring Boot, 4.3.16.RELEASE and 1.5.12.RELEASE
  • Send a 404 instead of a 500 response when static assets cannot be found from the underlying storage system
  • Add a convenience method for the final price (considering sale prices) onto Product
  • Allow the product options process to be more extensible in the JSON data it sends to the page
  • Improve i18n support in the admin
  • Added the ability to use the Google Closure Compiler
  • Allow the search criteria created from the FacetDTOService to be pluggable
  • Cache misses on pages that cannot be found for the given URL
  • Adding more parameters to SearchCriteria
  • Catch all Payment Type Variable Expression made public
  • Filter facets that only have zero results
  • Added RTL support to radio buttons in the admin
  • Added support for fieldComponentRendererTemplate on AdminPresentation
  • Added Order and OrderItem Methods to support Export module
  • Allow passed in arguments to have precedence over blSelectize defaults
  • Allow an EntityForm to contain file upload inputs
  • Allow content targeting against arbitrary http request cookie values
  • Admin Offer Enhancements
  • Allow structured content field map to have better programmatic maintenance
  • Re-add RTL support to Redactor after the library was upgrade

Total Resolved Issues: 69