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Table Related Entity Description
BLC_CATEGORY Category Represents a category.
BLC_CATEGORY_ATTRIBUTE CategoryAttribute Defines attributes for a category.
BLC_CATEGORY_MEDIA_MAP - Maps the category to a media object.
BLC_CATEGORY_XREF - Cross reference table that points to the subcategories of each category.
BLC_CATEGORY\PRODUCT_XREF CategoryProductXref Represents the products in the category.
BLC_PRODUCT_CROSS_SALE RelatedProduct Represents the products in the category.
BLC_PRODUCT_UP_SALE RelatedProduct Represents the products in the category.
BLC_PRODUCT_FEATURED PromotableProduct Represents the products in the category.
BLC_CAT_SITE_MAP_GEN_CFG CategorySiteMapGeneratorConfiguration CategorySiteMapGenerator is controlled by this configuration.
BLC_CAT_SEARCH_FACET_XREF - Cross reference table that associates search facets with categories
BLC_CAT_SEARCH_FACET_EXCL_XREF - Cross reference table that excludes a parent category's search facets from a child category
Table Related Entity Description
BLC_PRODUCT Product A product is a general description of an item that can be sold (for example: a hat). Products are not sold or added to a cart.
BLC_MEDIA Media Represents a media object.
BLC_SITE_MAP_CFG SiteMapConfiguration Class that drives the building of sitemaps.
BLC_SEARCH_FACET SearchFacet Represents a particular facet that can be used to guide faceted searching on a results page.