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Thymeleaf Processors

This page provides a listing and description of out of box Broadleaf processors

Processor Bean Description
blDataDrivenEnumerationProcessor Provides values for DataDrivenEnumerations
blResourceBundleProcessor Processes CSS / JS bundles
blConfigVariableProcessor Provides system property variables
blAddSortLinkProcessor Provides a search query href string for the current values
blCategoriesProcessor Adds the given category to the model
blFormProcessor Adds the CSRF tokens to forms if necessary
blGoogleAnalyticsProcessor Provides Google Analytics tag support
blHeadProcessor Renders the HTML head element
blNamedOrderProcessor Makes the requested order available on the model
blPaginationPageLinkProcessor Pagination options
blPaginationSizeLinkProcessor, Pagination options
blPaginationSortLinkProcessor Pagination options
blBroadleafCacheProcessor Caches HTML for a given DOM element node
blPriceTextDisplayProcessor Displays a Money object in a formatted way
blProductOptionValueProcessor Product Option helpers
blProductOptionsProcessor Product Option helpers
lProductOptionDisplayProcessor Product Option helpers
blRelatedProductProcessor Determines the appropriate related products for the current page
blRemoveFacetValuesLinkProcessor Generates HREFs for removing facet links
blToggleFacetLinkProcessor Generates HREFs for toggling facet links
blOnePageCheckoutProcessor Facilitates rendering a dynamic one-page checkout screen
blTransparentRedirectCreditCardFormProcessor Facilitates transparent redirects for credit card processors
blCreditCardTypesProcessor Generates payment provider specific codes for credit cart types
blUncacheableDataProcessor Used in conjunction with the cache processor to render dynamic items inside of a cached region
blGoogleUniversalAnalyticsProcessor Google Universal Analytics helper
blSeoProcessor Adds metadata for products / categories as defined in the admin
blDynamicRegionalFormProcessor Adds country specific information to certain payment forms