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BroadleafCommerce - 5.0.5-GA

Released on November 23, 2016

This is the 5th patch release for Broadleaf Commerce 5.0 framework.

An at-a-glance view of the issues that were closed in this release:

Critical Bugs(1)

  • Add Exclusions for ASM Dependencies in Solr-Core Dependency

Major Bugs(7)

  • Added passthrough payment refund method
  • Fixed issue where temporary sandbox entities were not working with Oracle Databases (Enterprise)
  • Update query will now cause cache invalidation across all cache regions
  • Refactor ProductOption validation activities to meet code standards and ensure correctness of logic
  • Move search module permissions to Broadleaf core project
  • Added IndexField admin permissions
  • Admin property metadata cache was not using enough information for its cache key leading to missing properties

Minor Bugs(12)

  • Enforced exclusion for AdminPresentation lookups
  • Enabled eager fetch for the siteMapGeneratorConfigurations collection on SiteMapConfiguration
  • Fixed an issue that was not refreshing listgrids when changing tabs
  • Add friendly message for RoleImpl
  • Fixed an incorrect map reference to the admin's PersistenceManager TargetModeType
  • Redactor Modal popup fix
  • Added duplicate AccountMember error message
  • Introduced cache fix for IndexFieldDaoImpl
  • Set the entityForm's parent id on new collection add
  • Added onItemRemove to Selectize dropdown
  • Redactor tooltip fixed in modals
  • Fixed and issue where endDate could be set before startDate


  • Framework changes to support Quotes (for an upcoming Quotes module)
  • Fixed listgrid resizers
  • Fixed an issue where solr indexing circular category reference logging could be inaccurate
  • Only show No value selected options if the field does not have a default value or is not required
  • Exposes method to get cache for StructuredContentDTO
  • Added abstract handlers for several service and dao extensions
  • Replaced use of deprecated method serErrorMessage() with addErrorMessage()
  • Introduces SKU inventoryType AdminPresentation changes
  • Provide hook-point to prevent upload of non-image static assets
  • Changed to be a site level system property

Total Resolved Issues: 35