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BroadleafCommerce - 5.0.2-GA

Released on July 8, 2016

This is the 2nd patch release for Broadleaf Commerce 5.0 framework.

An at-a-glance view of the issues that were closed in this release:

Critical Bugs(4)

  • Fixed ajax csrf token when no post data is passed in
  • Fixed dependent field handler to allow additions of enumerations to custom fields
  • Fixed Minimum Order Subtotal calculation
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect entity state can result when submitting a request from a stale page

Major Bugs(20)

  • Fixed error on Product page in Admin when viewing with a derived catalog on a template site
  • Format decimal numbers for filtering
  • Use PriceBeforeAdjustments instead of Price for Order Item Offers
  • Added min order subtotal check to order offers
  • Set specialized name for fields on dynamic forms
  • Fixed FireFox date format issue
  • Add confirmation on CustomField Deletion
  • Fixed searching for sandboxed product names.
  • A newly added Sub-Category didn't display correctly in hierarchy view
  • StackOverflow occurred when a OrderItem with childOrderItems got cloned
  • Fixed offer qualifying subtotal to factor in all qualifying criteria at once instead of one at a time
  • Fixed timezone conversion issue so deployment timestamps correctly compare UTC and Local Time
  • When initializing price details for PromotableOrderItem, make sure the adjustments are added to the price detail before determining sale or retail adjustments
  • Friendly names with spaces now work with filters
  • Generalize OfferCustomPersistenceHandler for better support of extensions
  • Account Price lists were not being applied
  • Added Caching of PageDTO Lists after Conversion from Page Lists
  • Fixed issue where additionalFields in PaymentTransactions were not displaying in admin
  • Quantity Based Rule Cache Eviction
  • Addressed issue where criteria quantity in an offer match rule was not being applied

Minor Bugs(19)

  • Fixed issue where the select/upload asset icon on html fields was not showing in admin
  • Fixed ability to preview custom pages
  • Fixed image src in media grids to support prefixes
  • Removing the values for text fields should now properly cause the sandbox promotion actions to appear on the ribbon
  • Use overridden media implementation when creating media xrefs
  • In admin fixed hiding of clear button on lookup fields
  • Better positioning of listgrid spinners
  • Left nav now hovers over content
  • Added validator to prevent duplicate CustomFields
  • Refresh admin section on save
  • Fixed bug where item attributes weren't set for non discrete order item requests
  • ListGrid filtering & sorting are not combining
  • JS plugin used for RuleBuilders shows validation errors for non-required fields
  • Fixed workflow status labels with selectize inputs
  • Fixed entityform css styles when fields are changed
  • Added ability for the CorruptionDetection process to handle Integers
  • Validate quantity in offer matches rule
  • Now using TranslationService instead of using TranslationDao directly in I18nSolrSearchServiceExtensionHandler


  • Added boolean support to filters
  • Add formatter for dates to DateUtils
  • Added OWASP ESAPI HTTPUtilities and Encoder for CRLF Neutralization
  • Security - Whitelist Web Resource Extensions
  • Refactored Password Generator to Use Java SecureRandom
  • Refactor Auditable Behavior to Better Support Tracking
  • Create New Customer Segment Modal UI Style Improvements
  • Refactor Offer UI so Combinability and Stacking are visible when appropriate
  • Added New Field to ListGrids to determine whether to hide the friendly name from displaying
  • Bundled resource resolving can now rebuild the bundle if needed
  • Cache the reflection-computed fields for retailPrice and salePrice when going through dynamic pricing
  • Large catalog performance enhancements
  • Full Solr reindex performance improvements
  • Removed an extraneous database read to retrieve a locale from the database while building a single document in the Solr reindex
  • When doing a full reindex, ensure each thread has its own translation cache and use the cache when enabled even if it is empty
  • Fixed issue where product paging query performance degrades during solr indexing
  • Include manufacturer in ProductWrapper's wrapSummary() method
  • SearchRedirect: Treat null activeStartDate as inactive
  • Added ehcache configuration for SearchFieldDao and SearchFacetDao

Total Resolved Issues: 62