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BroadleafCommercePrivate 5.0.0-GA

Released on May 16, 2016

This release represents a significant change to the admin panel including a new look and feel as well as new features. The admin panel continues to use Spring MVC and Thymeleaf.

Upgrading to this release requires a migration from both a core API standpoint as well as the database. Migration notes from 4.0.x will be made available in our documentation set. More migration may be required depending on how much you have customized your Broadleaf admin panel.

Noteworthy Changes - Community

Admin - Look and Feel

The admin look and feel has been completely revamped. The left nav now collapses giving more real estate for the primary work to be done.

Ability to add associated data when initial entity is being created

In previous versions of the admin, the initial add only supported basic entity fields and simple relationships (toOne relationships). Now users can add to gridlists (toMany collections) on initial creation of an entity.

Admin - Additional changes found in Enterprise

Workflow actions available on the Entity edit screens for quicker promotions / approvals (Enterprise Only)

A new ribbon has been added to entities that supports immediate promotion or approval. This is more efficient allowing the sandbox actions to be managed on the same page as the edits. Promotion and approval of multi-item changes would still be managed from the My Changes and Approval screens as they are now.

Visual cue of fields that have changed and are pending promotion / approval

Fields are now tagged (labeled) when they have changes pending for promotion or approval. This is a nice visual token to reflect what has been changed and needs to be promoted/approved.

lcoal changes

Visual cue of row status when viewing an entity list

Entity lists (e.g. Product List) now have a small icon that indicates rows pending promotion (orange), pending approval (blue), or have deployed local changes (black).
visual cue

Two column display for editing entities

When editing entities groups and fields will now be displayed in two columns, allowing more information to be displayed on screen.
two columns

We added support in the AdminPresentation annotations to allow implementors to decide which of the two columns they would like their fields to appear in. Read about it in our documentation.

New Customer Segments and Product Group features

Customer Segments and Product Groups allow for rule or list based groupings that are eligible for Offers, PriceLists, or targeted content. Duplicated rules throughout various Offers, PriceLists, and ContentTargeters can be avoided by using Customer Segments and/or Product Groups.

Solr Management Improvements

Fields, Searchable Fields, and Search Relevancy/Boosting rules can now be managed in the admin.

Release of Order Management System version 2.0 with improved CSR capabilities

The Order Management System adds support for separate shipments, item cancellation, capture payment on fulfillment, and refunds.

Searching capabilities for Customers and Orders has been improved to allow for a better user experience.

Custom Fields Enhancements

We made improvements to CustomFields with additional property types and the ability to include Custom Fields in SOLR indexes.

Addition of an admin UI selectize widget for easier management of multi-select lists

We added support for selectize to provide a better experience when working with select inputs.

two columns

API v2

The API framework was reworked to keep in line with current best practices.

Performance Improvements for Large Catalogs

We tuned the underlying engine to handle large data sets in a more efficient manner.