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BroadleafCommerce - 5.0.10-GA

Released on May 23, 2017

This is the 10th patch release for Broadleaf Commerce 5.0 framework.

An at-a-glance view of the issues that were closed in this release:

Critical Bugs(4)

  • Prevented the possibility of strange redirect behavior after customer registration on the site
  • Fixed SearchFacet deletion
  • Moved the MVEL Synchronization block for better performance
  • Prevented the development of circular references in Category hierarchy

Major Bugs(14)

  • Removed VerifyCustomerMaxOfferUsesActivityExtensionHandler and domain in favor of overriding the OfferAuditDaoImpl in OMS
  • Ensure that read-only lookup buttons are not enabled on tab loads
  • Changed Oracle NULL handling logic to check field type instead of field value to determine whether a field is a string
  • Disabled field translation links for add modals
  • Added ignoreAdditionStatusFilter requestContext parameter for selectize adds, collection lookups and collection deletes
  • Fixed admin sticky header & image lookup placeholder
  • Addressed error that was causing an exception when creating/deleting a site user
  • Removed a duplicate Product Option validator since the validation is already done within the Product Options CustomPersistenceHandler
  • Use database call to retrieve search facet ranges for a given search facet
  • Refactored the verification of max Offer/OfferCode usage per Customer to take into account whether the Offer/OfferCode has already been applied to the current Order so as not to prevent new items added to the Order from receiving the Offer/OfferCode by a CSR.
  • Fixed an issue where the system could complain during Offer copying
  • Fixed GenericCookieUtil's cookie invalidation
  • ForeignKey.originatingField can be set incorrectly for duplicate collections in a given object tree
  • Translations can fail if we have more in the database than the threshold allows

Minor Bugs(14)

  • Fixed boolean keyword replacement in the sql server sql command extractor
  • Fixed timestamp modification and handled backslash escape characters in the oracle sql extractor
  • Handle non-image file types when using blc:src on an <img> tag
  • Fixed bug in entityForm.js causing deletes to not work in admin
  • Sandboxes with empty names are now filtered out
  • Added tests for Admin Group and Tab merging and fixed an issue revealed in its tests
  • Automatically refresh the admin login page whenever the session times out
  • Save button no longer enables on selectize and listgrid changes
  • Fixed an issue that cause multiple Tabs and/or Groups of the same friendly name to be created.
  • Sort by name field gives "random" order
  • Addressed issues with Oracle and Postgres support for CHAR function
  • Fixed an issue where skus on product bundles would not preview sandbox changes correctly
  • Addressed issue where product options were being validated incorrectly during promotions/deployments
  • Reordered clearing of search param to ensure proper UI representation


  • Merge EntityForm tabs with the same display value
  • Improved performance for entity forms with dynamic forms by limiting scope of logging
  • Added extension to allow getting child sites with a given profile
  • Added AdminMainEntity interface to IndexField so we can give it a name
  • Removed product advanced tab
  • Support request thread hint for EntityManager find validation
  • Formatted time picker in admin to be 12 hour just like the input field
  • Add a validation servlet filter implementation not enabled by default for differentiating id-based access per site
  • Set the default value to false for useInSkuGeneration field on ProductOption

Total Resolved Issues: 42