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Switch To MySQL Tutorial

A very common step that users may want to do is switch away from the bundled HSQL database to a more mature database such as MySQL. We have a general guide on using MySQL, but this tutorial will be more explicit specifically regarding Heat Clinic.

  1. Download and install MySQL Database (

    For proper UTF8 configuration and easy of use across multiple platforms (Linux, MySQL, Windows) we also recommend these minimum settings in my.cnf:

  2. Create a new database and a user capable of accessing this database with privileges for creating tables included (see MySQL documentation if you have questions about how to administrate databases and users).

  3. In your root pom.xml, find the following in the <dependencies> section under the <plugin> with <groupId>org.apache.tomcat.maven</groupId>


    and replace it with

  4. Update the runtime properties to use the correct MySQL dialect. In core/src/main/resources/runtime-properties/, you will want to update the three persistence unit dialects to say:

  5. Update the build properties to use the correct MySQL database. In, you will want to update the following:

    # your local database username, just a user that has readwrite permissions
    # local database password
    # this connection URL assumes that it is connecting to a schema called broadleaf

    Note: database.driver and database.url have been changed from HSQLDB to MySQL.
    Note: I named my database broadleaf, make sure you use your database name in the url.

  6. Remove the HSQL dependency from the site ant targets. In your site/build.xml file replace

    <target name="tomcat" depends="start-db">


    <target name="tomcat">

    and replace

    <target name="tomcat-jrebel" depends="start-db">


    <target name="tomcat-jrebel">

And that's it! You should now be up and running with MySQL.