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Add-On Modules

Broadleaf Commerce can be enhanced with add-on modules.

Module Licenses

License Type Description How to get it?
Community Indicates the module uses the open source Apache 2 license Maven Central
Enterprise A commercial offering from Broadleaf Commerce, LLC (contact us)

Module Categories

Module Category Description
Enterprise Modules Provide enterprise feature add-ons to Broadleaf
Payment Modules Provide payment processing.
Wallet Modules Provide digital wallet solutions for easy checkout.
Tax Modules Provide tax calculations.
Shipping Modules Provide shipping options and calculations.

Enterprise Modules

Workflows and Approvals

  • Ability to modify products, offers, prices in a sandbox
  • Preview changes before they go live
  • Schedule when changes go live
  • Full Module Documentation

Theme Module

  • Provides the ability to use configurable themes
  • Easily manage theme specific variables in the Broadleaf Admin
  • Theme variables can be used to control CSS, JavaScript, and Functional aspects of the implementation
  • Full Module Documentation

Internationalization (I18n) Module

Multi-Tenant Module

  • Flexible, extensible multi-tenant (multi-site) solution
  • Shared or separate customers and orders
  • Support for separate, shared, or partially shared catalogs per site
  • Full Module Documentation

Enterprise Pricing (PriceList) Module

  • Manage separate price lists
  • Flexible rule based price list determination based on customer, locale, time
  • Full Module Documentation

Enterprise Offers Module

  • Tiered Offers (Allows a single offer that varies the discount based on quantity purchased)
  • Customer Specific TimeZone Offers (Ability to run a special from 5-6pm in the customer's timezone or a specific timezone)
  • Full Module Documentation

Customer Segments

  • Rule or list based grouping of Customers that are eligible for Offers, PriceLists, or targeted content
  • Customer Segments are reusable to avoid duplicated rules throughout various Offers, PriceLists, and ContentTargeters
  • Full Module Documentation

Merchandising Groups

  • Rule or list based grouping of Products that are eligible for Offers or targeted content
  • Merchandising Groups are reusable to avoid duplicated rules throughout various Offers and ContentTargeters
  • Full Module Documentation

Product Type

  • Establishes three types of products: normal products, bundles, and add-ons.
  • Product Add-Ons introduce a configurable, more dynamic, way to build bundles and configurable products.
  • Full Module Documentation

Cart Rules

  • Introduces the ability to automatically manipulate a customer's cart based on the items added to the cart or the state of the cart
  • We expect Cart Rules to often be used in conjunction with an offer, to reward the customer with an additional free/discounted item
  • Full Module Documentation

Custom Fields

  • Add new fields to product, customer from the Broadleaf admin
  • Fields are automatically available for use in offer and content targeting rules
  • Full Module Documentation

Enterprise CMS

  • Extends the Broadleaf Structured Content concept with more intuitive admin organization
  • Supports templates with tiles that can serve mixed content
  • Full Module Documentation
  • The Enterprise Search module add advanced searching capabilities to your site such as result boosting and type-ahead functionality.
  • Full Module Documentation


  • Adds subscription fields to the order and product domain
  • Supports subscription offers such as get 50% off for the first three months
  • Full Module Documentation


  • Creates Fulfillment Orders after an order has been submitted
  • Support for separate shipments, item cancellation, capture payment on fulfillment, and refunds
  • Full Module Documentation


  • Ability to create and manage B2B organizational hierarchical accounts with configurable order approval rules
  • Support for complex contract pricing
  • Support for easy re-ordering and bulk quick ordering
  • Full Module Documentation


  • Provides tooling to support negotiations between a buyer and seller.
  • Gives customers the ability to start the quote conversation at their convenience.
  • Ability for buyers and sellers to go back and forth, making modifications to the quote until each is satisfied
  • Full Module Documentation

Enterprise Inventory

  • Manage inventory at different Fulfillment Locations
  • Allow customers to subscribe to be notified when inventory is available for out-of-stock Skus
  • Deal with high-contention inventory scenarios
  • Full Module Documentation

Content Tests

  • Allows creation of content tests in the admin using Google Experiments
  • Provides A/B testing functionality based on a test URL and multiple variations.
  • Full Module Documentation


  • Provides the ability to bulk import data into Broadleaf
  • Supports Catalog data (Products, Skus, Categories) and Assets (.zip file of media items)
  • Import via an API
  • Flexibility to bulk import other non-Broadleaf-specific entities
  • Full Module Documentation

Gift Card and Account Credit

  • Allows customers to purchase and pay for items with a gift card
  • Allows a CSR (or by some other means) add store credit for a customer
  • Full Module Documentation

Scheduled Jobs and Events

Payment Modules

Module Name License Description Enterprise Payments through CyberSource's gateway
Paypal Enterprise Payments through PayPal's express checkout
PayPal Payflow Pro Enterprise Payments through PayPal's Payflow Pro
Braintree Enterprise Payments through Braintree Payments
CyberSource Payment Enterprise Payments through CyberSource's Secure Acceptance Silent Order Post and CyberSource's SOAP API
Sagepay Enterprise Payments through Sagepay
Vantiv Enterprise Payments through Vantiv
Paymetrics Enterprise Payments through Paymetrics
Cardinal Commerce Enterprise Payments through Cardinal Commerce
Vyze Enterprise Payments through Vyze
Aurus Enterprise Payments through Aurus
Stripe Enterprise Payments through Stripe

Wallet Modules

Module Name License Description
MasterPass Enterprise Digital wallet solution through MasterPass by MasterCard

Tax Modules

Module Name License Description
Avalara Enterprise Sales tax through Avalara
TaxCloud Enterprise Sales tax through TaxCloud
Vertex Enterprise Sales tax through Vertex

Shipping Modules

Module Name License Description
FedEx Enterprise Shipping quotes from FedEx web services
USPS Enterprise Shipping quotes from USPS web tools

Community Modules

Amazon Module

  • Provides an S3 implementation of the FileServiceProvider interface
  • Allows the images loaded via the Broadleaf admin to go directly to amazon S3
  • Allows generated files like sitemap.xml to be stored on S3 current)
  • Full Module Documentation
  • Provides a community abstraction Menu module that allows managing Categories and Site Navigation in terms of Menus in the Admin much easier.
  • Full Module Documentation

Rackspace Modules

  • Provides a Cloud Files implementation of the FileServiceProvider interface. This allows uploaded admin images and generated site maps to be stored on Cloud Files rather than the local file system
  • Compatible with the automatic Cloud Files CDN through Akamai
  • Full Module Documentation