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Gift Card and Customer Credit

The Gift Card and Customer Credit module in Broadleaf Commerce allows the customer to purchase a gift card
and have the ability to redeem this gift in several ways: Allow redemption that turns into a Customer Credit account, which
the Customer can then accumulate and spend at checkout or to use directly as a form of payment. An email is sent to the specified address when a gift card is purchased.

Heat Clinic Gift Cards
Gift Card Options
Redeem Gift Card
Customer Credit Checkout

An administrator can also create and view gift cards that are on sale, as well as administer and view gift card and customer credit accounts.
Admins also have the ability to create/expire/transfer account balances when needed given the appropriate permissions.

Customer Credit Admin
Gift Card Admin

For accounting purposes, all transactions performed through the services are logged in a CreditAccountEvent table, so that it may be audited later.

Customer Credit Account Event Log