Braintree Module Documentation

Braintree Module

Note: Broadleaf Commerce currently offers integration with Braintree through a commercial integration module. To obtain this third party integration or if you have any questions about this module, please contact us at

Braintree Diagram

How It Works

This version of the Broadleaf Braintree payment gateway integration utilizes the (javascript + java) SDK provided by Braintree.

  1. On the final checkout page, the customer fills out their credit card and billing information and hits submit. Using a combination of Broadleaf's Thymeleaf Processor and Braintree's Drop-In UI, the client can generate a seamless checkout page.
  2. Braintree will use the client SDK to generate a payment nonce which will then be submitted to the server instead of the sensitive Credit Card data.
  3. The server will then relay the payment nonce to Braintree to complete checkout.
  4. Braintree will send back a confirmation response.
  5. Broadleaf will then redirect the user to either a confirmation or error page to end the checkout flow.

To started integrating this payment gateway into your eCommerce application,
Broadleaf offers a Braintree Quick Start solution that allows developers to easily add Braintree functionality
with little configuration.