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BroadleafCommerce 5.1.10-GA

Released on 6th June, 2018

This is the 10th patch release for Broadleaf Framework 5.1.x.

An at-a-glance view of the issues that were closed in this release:

Critical Bugs(3)

  • MS SQLServer exhibits locking behavior on SELECT queries during a transaction
  • Allow page field values to be cleared
  • Fixed query to filter the Add-on Products.

Major Bugs(5)

  • Fixed issue where the RuleBuilder Selectize Component was not loading additional rows from the server beyond the original initialized list
  • Fixed an incompatible cast in the equals method of ProratedOrderItemAdjustmentImpl
  • Fixed Problem Where Default PriceAdjustments on ProductOptions Were Ignored
  • Fixed bug where non-template theme files were not being resolved without bundling
  • Now honoring the "disabled" property during Theme custom persistence handler usage

Minor Bugs(2)

  • Revert configuring a custom JPA dialect and transaction isolation level
  • Product Add-ons appearing in the Product List in the admin


  • Upgrade framework libraries due to security vulnerabilities
  • Clean up logs from Warn messages about JDBC Connection reset

Total Resolved Issues: 12