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Broadleaf 4.0.7-GA

Released on January 19, 2016

Notice: This release contains an issue that prevents a sku with certain product options from being added to a cart. We recommend skipping this release and instead upgrading to 4.0.8-GA. All fixes/enhancements outlined below are still revelant and are also part of the 4.0.8-GA release.

This is the 7th patch release for the Broadleaf Commerce 4.0 framework.

Noteworthy Updates

Sequence generator corruption detection

The sequence generator corruption detection will now utilize non-annotation defaults and deal with missing entries in the SEQUENCE_GENERATOR table.

An at-a-glance view of the issues that were closed in this release:

Major Bugs(3)

  • Sequence generator corruption detection does not deal with missing entries and default annotation values
  • Home page throws an exception when running under Postgres
  • Add support for theme aware cache key

Minor Bugs(11)

  • Fix incorrect prefix for null caches
  • Changed RegisterController's redirect to be context sensitive
  • Remove startup log warning message about Banded Weight and Banded Price fulfillment options
  • Remove SQL Delete from SiteImpl
  • Parent Categories are not indexed correctly when Circular Reference is hit
  • Adding OrderAttribute and OrderItemAttribute to the list in applicationContext-entities.xml
  • Prevent NPE from occurring in SystemPropertiesDaoImpl
  • Discriminate sections in AdminModule based on Site
  • Make AdvanceOffer Serializable
  • Added logic to removeItem routine to recursively search bundles and discrete items for children items and remove them.
  • Changed data type of priority in ProductBundleImpl from int to Integer


  • Set Default Value of Use in Sku Generation to True in Admin Presentation
  • Adding Purchase Order as a valid PaymentType in support for Punchout2Go payment finalization.
  • Move javascript action spinner and show error support to a more universal location for the admin
  • Allow polymorphic aware, nested field retrieval on domain classes in site applications
  • Added Validation Rule for Allowed Values
  • Added a custom Hibernate dialect to allow binary data to be read from Postgres without a transaction
  • Added failed PaymentResponseDTOs to the checkout seed

Total Resolved Issues: 21