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Broadleaf 4.0.4-GA

Released on September 10, 2015

Note for Enterprise customers: As part of the 4.0.4-GA release, there was also a patch release of the Enterprise module version 2.0.4-GA which includes a mandatory change in configuration. See the Enterprise Release notes for version 2.0.4-GA for details regarding the configuration change.

This is the 4nd patch release for the Broadleaf Commerce 4.0 framework. The items listed below provide a summary of the changes included in this patch release.

Issues included in this release

Major Bugs(6)

  • Not able to create a product bundle with a null retail price when the pricing model is set to 'Item Sum'
  • Crucial parts of the URL are being removed (such as entity ID) when trying to create new assets.
  • Cannot add a new Sku with an overridden start or end date. The original implementation of start date and end date validation referenced a defaultSku property from SkuImpl. This works great when adding Product, but breaks if you're trying to do the validation when adding an additionalSku.
  • Products with a DIGITAL fulfillment type still required shipping in the OnePageCheckoutProcessor. Products with the DIGITAL fulfillment type are not supposed to have shipping costs estimated, nor see the shipping info screen in the checkout process, however, the method that is supposed to check for this in the OnePageCheckoutProcessor class had incorrect logic.
  • Fix issue where Product gridlist filters were not correctly referencing CategoryProductXref for a products parent category
  • Collection grids inside admin Entity forms weren't paging correctly

Minor Bugs(5)

  • Dynamic price data is not cleared for each bundle item when clearing dynamic prices for product bundles
  • An exception was occurring when retrieving all sandboxes caused by an attempt to access a nonexistent property via the CriteriaBuilder API when retrieving all sandboxes
  • When user tries to edit an existing ProductOption on an additional sku, the old ProductOptionValue does not get deleted/removed
  • When searching by the Entity search in admin, any column filters previously set are not re-applied as part of a change to the search criteria
  • When using a Security Policy Manager, the ClassTransformer attempts to scan non-class files that the application will not have access to. These files are now avoided by adding them as ignore patterns for ClassTransformers.


  • Make distinction between state/province and ISOSubdivison in Admin UI
  • Added "has details" concept to admin ListGridRecordIcon to denote icons with a more detailed message
  • Allow category and product url handlers to function using id parameters
  • Add support to UniqueValueValidator for using custom error messages
  • Add IgnoreEnterprise annotations to validation checks against offending Classes. If the domain class containing the adorned target collection references an xref entity and/or target entity that is not properly annotated for enterprise, the system will now throw a validation exception.
  • Removed unused property in BroadleafAdminLdapUserDetailsMapper
  • Make UserName field on Customer visible in Admin UI

Total Resolved Issues: 18