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Broadleaf 4.0.15-GA

Released on December 11, 2016

This is the 15th patch release for the Broadleaf Commerce 4.0 framework.

Noteworthy Updates

Cart retrieval refresh

Cart retrieval has been enhanced with code to
 detect if the current Hibernate L2 cached version of the cart is stale compared to the database version. This staleness
 detection includes not only the cart, but all important, subordinate associations and collections.

This functionality is primarily useful in conjunction with stateless clusters (i.e. no session affinity), or with node
 failover when session affinity is in play. It would allow a customer to retain appropriate order state, for example, in
the following use case:

  • Customer begins an order on node (1) as a registered user

  • Customer logs out
Customer logs back in, presumably on a new node (2)

  • Customer makes a change to the order
Customer logs out

  • Customer logs back in, presumably back on node (1)

In the above use case, the customer would normally be the recipient of a stale, cached version of the order on the final step. The functionality 
provided serves to make sure the cart state is fresh during any node switching.

This functionality is disabled by default. To enable, set the order.outOfSyncCache.refresh property to true in your installation's
property file.

Please note, this functionality comes at the cost of a new, albeit optimized, query at the beginning of
every request thread to check for the DB node affiliation for the current cart. This information is used to compare against
the cart pulled from L2 cache.

An at-a-glance view of the issues that were closed in this release:

Critical Bugs(1)

  • Enhance OrderItem Price Refreshing

Major Bugs(1)

  • Update AdminModule when updating AdminSection

Minor Bugs(1)

  • Prevent Credit and GiftCard Recalculate Totals


  • Filter Range Toggle Button
  • Sortable Catalogs
  • Changed "" to be a site level system property
  • Add support for cart enhancement at the beginning of a request

Total Resolved Issues: 7