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BroadleafCommerce is an open-source, eCommerce framework written entirely in Java.

It is targeted at facilitating the development of enterprise-class, commerce-driven sites by providing a robust data and service model, a rich administration platform, and specialized tooling that takes care of core commerce functionality.

To accomplish this goal, we have developed the platform based on the key feature sets required by world-class online retailers and we're committed to continually expanding our feature offering. We've also taken extra steps to guarantee interoperability with today's enterprise by utilizing standards wherever possible and incorporating best-of-breed, open-source software libraries from the community.

Getting Started

To begin working with Broadleaf Commerce, you will want to follow the Getting Started documentation. Please feel free to ask for help in our forums -- we monitor these regularly and love to help when we can!

Software License

Broadleaf Commerce is distributed under the Apache License 2.0.