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PayPal Express Checkout Quick Start

Broadleaf Commerce offers an out-of-the-box PayPal solution that requires little configuration and is easily set up.

You must have completed the PayPal Environment Setup before continuing

Adding PayPal Express Checkout Support

  1. Add the PayPal Express Buttons to your site:

If you are using the Heat Clinic Demo Site:

  • replace the following code in cart.html
<form blc:null_payment_hosted_action="${paymentRequestDTO}" complete_checkout="${false}" method="POST">


<a th:href="@{/paypal-express/redirect}">
    <img src="" align="left" style="margin-right:7px;"/>
  • replace the following code in paymentMethodForm.html
<img th:src="@{/img/paypal.gif}" alt="Pay with Paypal" width="100" />


<a th:href="@{/paypal-express/redirect?complete=true}">
    <img src="" align="left" style="margin-right:7px;"/>


At this point, all the configuration should be complete and you are now ready to test your integration with PayPal Express Checkout.
Add something to your cart and proceed with checkout.