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PayPal Express Checkout Environment Setup


Once you have established an account with PayPal, begin by including the PayPal Module dependency to your main pom.xml.


Make sure to include the dependency in your site AND admin pom.xml as well:


You should now begin to setup your environment to work with Broadleaf Commerce PayPal support. The first step is to make Broadleaf Commerce aware of your PayPal account credentials. This is accomplished through environment configuration (see [[Runtime Environment Configuration]]).

Broadleaf allows you to create your own property files per environment (e.g.,,,,,, and
You will need to enter the following key/value pairs in the appropriate locations and replace the "?" with your paypal api account details:

You can also store these configs in the Database by utilizing the blSystemPropertiesService. See the java docs for more details.

Properties File Config

Note - This module comes pre-configured with a Spring MVC controller with URL endpoints to handle:
Enable these with your component scan if you would like to use these in your implementation.

  • /paypal-express/return
  • /paypal-express/cancel

Note - Shipping Display Type

  • gateway.paypal.expressCheckout.shippingDisplayType: (0 - PayPal displays the shipping address passed in, 1 - PayPal does not display the shipping fields at all. (Default), 2 - PayPal will obtain the shipping address from the buyer's profile.)

Production Property Config

Now that you have your environment set up, let's begin setting up the [[PayPal Module]].