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Ideal for high-volume transaction sites and designed to weather traffic spikes, Broadleaf commerce is the best eCommerce platform for effortless scalability, reliability, and total cost of ownership. Never miss another sale because of your site’s inability to handle the traffic. Broadleaf simply outperforms the competition.

“With the move to Broadleaf, we will be able to modernize the overall experience for our customers.”

Jeff Lauro
SVP of Information Systems

“We really have the flexibility to do anything we want. It’s limitless now. There are no parameters here.”

Melissa Collins

“We weren’t 100% sold on our own solution. We started digging into Broadleaf and it was kinda like my dream come true. As a server site developer I’m writing all these miles of code to these things and I’m looking into it and Broadleaf has it!”

Casey Doolittle
Server Side Team Architect

Proven Technology

The Broadleaf Commerce architecture leverages leading open source Java technologies like the Spring Framework and Hibernate.

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Scalability Features

Broadleaf scales across all testing metrics to meet the needs of the most demanding eCommerce sites. With the ability to scale to hundreds of transactions per second across tens of thousands of concurrent users and millions of products, our scalability surpasses all expectations.

Thousands of Transactions per Minute

Broadleaf scales to handle your most demanding spikes. Whether its Black Friday, Valentine’s Day or the Super Bowl - Broadleaf offers peace of mind.
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Millions of Products

For businesses with millions of products and hundreds of million of SKU and price variables, Broadleaf’s platform is battle-tested.
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Thousands of Sites

Support thousands of end-sites from a single administrative platform with Broadleaf’s Multi-Site Edition.
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Millions of Customers

High-volume sites not only trust Broadleaf to support large numbers of concurrent customers, but also logins for a hundred million+ unique customers.
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