Microservices Architecture

Stay Nimble. Save Time. Build Smart.

With Broadleaf, you can use what you want, or incrementally move your existing platform to a microservices architecture. You can deploy all at once or adopt services and sunset legacy systems in a way less disruptive to your business.

You can even build on a superior Java microservices framework without sacrificing time to market. Broadleaf microservices are made for quick delivery, iteratively replaced at your discretion.



Cloud Native

Architected from the ground up to be cloud-friendly and best-of-breed, Cloud Native computing works better with a single React-based administrative console.

Rapid Development

Start up the stack and run immediately, then introduce your own key decisions - change what you want, when you want.

Deep Customization

Broadleaf microservices provide a clear path to override any of our components, configuration, and/or security.

Build with an Enterprise-Class Technology Stack

Compatible with a variety of cloud-based DevOps tools, Broadleaf Microservices are made to be a part of your cloud-native environment, with embedded services and integrations including:

  • Core technologies of Java, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud
  • Container technologies, including Docker and Kubernetes
  • Security through OAuth2
  • Presentation technologies including Vue.js, React, and Angular
  • Messaging technologies including SQS, Kafka, and Google Pub/Sub
  • Persistence services and databases including Mongo, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Maria, and Oracle
  • API endpoints
  • Modern SDLC paradigms, including CICD
  • Logging/event notification
  • Ephemeral and stateless

Microservices Tech Stack

Customize and Deploy Your Way

Deploy granularly or combined course-grained services with little effort. Leverage and customize part or all of Broadleaf’s Microservice stack.

  • Work with independently scalable microservices
  • Determine how you want to deploy - combining several microservices into a single container and database, broken out as independent microservices, or a mix based on your business and technical needs
  • Leverage Broadleaf’s React-based administrative console to manage multiple microservices through a single user interface, even when separately deployed

Offer Management

Increase Development Velocity

Broadleaf Microservices provide a clear path to override any of our components, configuration, and/or security. Made for extensibility, Broadleaf Microservices iterate on best-of-breed technology to enable customizations at scale.

  • Rich metadata, feeding dynamic admin discovery
  • Development patterns foster quick iteration, testing, and delivery
  • Incrementally adopt services and sunset portions of your legacy system
  • Deliver value in quick cycles with lean, standalone teams

Microservices IntelliJ IDE

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