A unified view to find your way

Managing distributed microservices is simple with our React-based admin console. You can manipulate and administer API endpoints from one place, including third-party microservices, by leveraging Broadleaf’s Metadata translations. This makes for a seamless, intuitive management experience.



Integration Enabled

Designed to unify not only Broadleaf, but also third party microservices.


Utilize Broadleaf’s custom fields directly in the Admin console or extend our library of components to create your own.

Instinctive Approach

Taking a straightforward naming process for Admin categories and fields means navigating the solution without being chained to a user’s manual.

Customize Anything

With a flexible component architecture, Broadleaf’s Microservice Admin allows limitless combinations of out-of-box and custom components.

  • Live, inline editing of metadata within existing forms for authenticated admin users
  • Choose from a library of hundreds of out-of-box React components
  • Modify or override existing component configurations

Customize Anything

Centralized Management, Distributed Services

Using a rich metadata DSL, Broadleaf’s Microservice Admin is able to integrate new and legacy APIs within a single administrative console.

  • Responds to the latest metadata changes without requiring client-side deployment
  • Use metadata to give your old services new life
  • Manage discrete bounded contexts from a centralized admin console

Code Screen

Built with the Latest Frontend Tech

Made for the future, the Broadleaf Microservice Admin embraces the modern frontend technologies that are revolutionizing the web.

  • React
  • SASS
  • Jest
  • Babel/Rollup/Webpack
  • NodeJS

Frontend Tech

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