Product Information Management (PIM) with Commerce in Mind

Combining a robust PIM and Catalog Management feature set with a Merchandising Admin console, Broadleaf can be your complete online catalog solution in highly complex scenarios that use modern Microservices.

Across vendors, sites/geographies, apps/channels, catalogs, stores, and more, our PIM solution can manage everything from tens of thousands of stores from a single catalog with hierarchical data management to Marketplace scenarios with hundreds of catalogs on a single site.

Catalog Management Mastery

Built to handle the most rigorous catalog management needs, Broadleaf includes:

  • Robust product management including hierarchical and multi-catalog management
  • Product composition, assortment and bundling capabilities
  • Asset management with image effects
  • Import and export capabilities with the ability to work through spreadsheets
  • Category, menu, taxonomy, and SEO management
  • Pricing, Offers, Promos, and Inventory management

Content Management System Hero

PIM Outside the Box

Yes, Broadleaf’s microservice PIM solution has what you would expect out of box in an Enterprise-level PIM, but it also has:

  • Extensibility at the application, API, and Admin console layers
  • Hierarchical data management, tenancy and application discrimination
  • Rich taxonomy, with deep category hierarchies and multiple parent-child relationships
  • Solid search features, with the ability to swap out Search capabilities as needed

Offer Creation

Play Nice in the Sandbox

Previewing site changes in a sandbox, with the ability to promote and deploy changes on your schedule, including:

  • Workflows configurable by role, streamlining change management
  • Per-user sandbox change and preview capabilities, prior to submitting changes for review
  • Change management, promotion, and deployment processes to ensure team collaboration on time

Product Options


Manage complexity in your business wherever it is - our microservices PIM is made for:

  • Multi-catalog, multi-site solutions managed from a single codebase
  • Multi-vendor, Marketplace solutions with vendor controlled catalogs
  • Multi-geography supporting internationalization (i18n) for everything from translations to prices both on your front-end site as well as back-end Admin console
  • Multi-channel and multi-device management leveraging our multi-tenant and multi-application structure, not to mention rich suite of APIs

Product Management

Work Better Together

Aside from PIM feature sets, Broadleaf has a breadth of Commerce Microservices that work together to provide additional features that further enhance each domain, including:

  • Broadleaf Admin Services power our React-based Admin and allow management to first and third party REST-based Services
  • Broadleaf Compositional Services have explicit dependencies out-of-box (such as Cart Operations), or you can build your own Compositional Services
  • Broadleaf Business Domain Services can be logically deployed together or separately, depending on your requirements
  • Broadleaf Common Services underpin and empower other Broadleaf Services to work better together, providing a holistic solution

Work Better Together

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