Multi-Tenant / SaaS Enablement

Leverage the Broadleaf framework to build customizable solutions for 3rd party businesses with Broadleaf’s Multi-Tenant / SaaS Enablement offering. Suitable for shared hosting environments, solutions can be managed from a centralized location and are configurable at the tenant level.

For peak customizability, white label your solutions to allow 3rd party users to deploy uniquely branded sites. All MT / SaaS solution tenants have access to the Broadleaf DXP for optimized site management.

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The Power to Boost Conversions

Multi-Tenant Features

Multi-Tenant / SaaS Enablement allows your clients to develop and manage application without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure you are provided.

Full Transparency

Maintain a global view of tenants, catalogs, and content while providing tenants secure portal access for independent site management.

  • Easily add new custom entities to the platform that benefit from the ability to share data between tenants with override capabilities.
  • Use that store for targeted pricing, discounts, ads, and stock lookups.
  • Administrative controls for assigning editing privileges at the site or global level.
Broadleaf Commerce Multi-Tenant / SaaS Full Transparency Feature

Digital Experience Management

Provide tenants with a full suite of content management capabilities supported by Broadleaf’s leading Digital Experience Platform.

  • Manage information effectively by allowing certain aspects of content to be modified and approved by different admins.
  • Administrative controls at site and global level.
  • Full content management system designed for sharing, overriding, and customizing at both global and site levels.
  • Support for shared catalogs, inventory, and pricing components with the ability to provide site specific overrides.
Broadleaf Commerce Multi-Tenant / SaaS Digital Experience Management Feature

Increase Conversions

Maximize profits and tailor a personalized user experience to all customers with out of the box sales tools.

  • Boost conversions by utilizing sophisticated search facilities with facets and relevancy, managed globally or at site level.
  • Full suite of marketing and merchandising tools from Broadleaf's DXP ideal for tailoring user experiences and targeting content, offers, and promotions.
Broadleaf Commerce Multi-Tenant / SaaS Increase Conversions Feature

Multi-Tenant / SaaS Architecture Diagram

Provide your Broadleaf-based platform solution to businesses of any size. Trusted to power Fortune 500 enterprises, all Broadleaf solutions are 100% customizable and designed to scale.
Tenant 1 (Basic) for small firms. Tenant 2 (Advanced) for mid-sized firms. Tenant 3 (Enterprise) for large firms. Tenant 1 (Basic) for small firms. Tenant 2 (Advanced) for mid-sized firms. Tenant 3 (Enterprise) for large firms.
Effective administration for all tenant sizes: Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise
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