Curated Marketplace Management

For enterprises supporting multiple vendors, Broadleaf’s Marketplace Solution provides a fully customizable ecosystem designed to manage merchant interactions and easily sell items from multiple vendors.

Merchants can be granted access to a Vendor Portal to manage catalog data, order statuses and ship notifications. Designed to support independently managed stores; plus all of the features from Broadleaf’s leading Digital Experience Platform.

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Marketplace Features

Boost conversions and maximize ROI with customer friendly, cross-merchant shopping by combining Vendor Catalog and Order Management tools with Broadleaf’s powerful Marketplace features.

Marketplace Catalog Management

Marketplace makes it easy to provide your vendors with a secure portal where they can manage their product information, pricing, and inventory. Flexible architecture allows for direct integration with your largest vendors.

  • Allow vendor catalog changes to be immediately visible to customers or set review and approval requirements with Broadleaf’s Workflow and Approval system.
  • Select higher margin products using advanced Marketplace search capabilities to maximize ROI.
  • Easily set up cross-vendor promotions and bundles.
Broadleaf Marketplace Catalog Management Feature

Marketplace Order Management Feature

Enable customers to shop across multiple vendors and provide a vendor portal for merchants to manage orders and catalog data - all managed from a single administrative interface.

  • Split customer orders automatically across vendors, which enable customer service representatives to have full view into all of the orders passing through the system.
  • Integrate directly with vendors using EDI via Broadleaf’s SPSCommerce Integration - which translates to a faster time to market.
  • Organize vendor products with a shared taxonomy for product categorization.
Brodaleaf Marketplace Order Management Feature

Vendor On-Boarding

Integrate vendors into your Marketplace using the same customizable approach as the rest of Broadleaf, where every component can be extended or overridden to suit custom needs.

  • Expedite vendor on-boarding by auto-provisioning new vendors via the Broadleaf admin or REST APIs.
  • Setup default pricing strategies by vendor, category, or product attribute or manage marketplace prices directly for each product.
  • Import products or make custom integrations all from centralized environment.
Brodaleaf Marketplace Vendor On-Boarding Feature

Catalog Management Workflow

Coordinate responsibilities with vendors to improve management of product data.

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