Headless Architecture

Commerce as an API is the ultimate choice for companies needing to build custom commerce solutions. Taking a commerce as an API approach affords technical teams the ability to mix technologies and deployment strategies in the way that best meets their objectives.

For companies seeking a more modular-based solution, leveraging commerce as an API enables companies to undertake development or replatform initiatives incrementally by using commerce as a service. Creating a solution built using open source technologies helps to reduce implementation costs - one of the many reasons why leading brands choose Broadleaf.

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Headless Commerce Features

Combine Multi-Store capabilities with all of the digital experience platform (DXP) features Broadleaf has to offer, from search and targeted content to responsive catalog management.

Technology Stack

Built on an open technology stack, Broadleaf allows the manipulation of all entities to create a unique experience.

  • Using Java and Spring allows for easy integration of extensible endpoints.
  • Full access to source code gives developers the ability to add or replace of any custom entity or service.
Broadleaf Commerce as an API Technology Stack Feature

Framework Extensibility

Commerce APIs designed for customization, providing a fully extensible framework.

  • Over 100 customizable REST API’s.
  • Over 1,000 customizable Java API’s.
  • Easily add new components and endpoints.
  • No black boxes, full access to source code.
Broadleaf Commerce as an API Framework Extensibility Feature

Marketing Tools

Enable merchandisers to engage customers directly and efficiently.

  • Catalog and media data.
  • Prices, promotions, and discounts.
  • Search facets and relevancy.
Broadleaf Commerce as an API Marketing Tools Feature

Order Management

Provide Customer Service Representative (CSR) teams with tools to assist customers with their shopping experience:

  • Assist with order creation.
  • Manage order statuses.
  • Process returns and appeasements.
  • Review blocked orders.
Broadleaf Commerce as an API Order Management Feature
Broadleaf Commerce as an API Featured Clients

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For enterprises dedicated to remaining agile in an evolving commerce market, Broadleaf provides a platform for continuous innovation.