Enterprise eCommerce Features

Broadleaf provides the most sought-after eCommerce functionality for supporting B2C, B2B, Marketplace, Multi-Site, Multi-Tenant and API Commerce at the best value in the market. Every solution can be customized to ensure your eCommerce site is tailored to your specific requirements. Robust functionality within a lightweight framework lend to some of the characteristics that cause Broadleaf to stand out from the rest. Never feel restricted by a features list again.

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Search & SEO

Smart search faceting, straightforward categorization, user generated URL structures, and SEO-friendly practices all around make for not only a great user experience, but also discoverable site. Discover optimized product placement and custom content targeting for all of your merchandising needs.

Smart Search and Browse

Using the powerful SOLR search engine, Broadleaf is able to direct open searches to custom facets based on the search term. Not to mention typeahead search with mistype corrections, dynamic facets based on ranges, or dynamic search based on language.

Category Management

Organize products as you see fit. Across categories, feel free to define tiers and assign attributes in each category – including featured products, marketing messages, media elements, search facets, search exclusions, default fulfillment, and default product options. Once category attributes are created, they will automatically be applied to all products in that funnel. For moe merchandising insight, explore product lifecycle management features.

SEO Management

Be found. Create URLs for any content piece, product, or category. The system allows users to manually set URL redirection on top of the standard SEO capabilities of naturally matching content to titles and tags – generating site maps and embedding social media to ensure products and services are found across a variety of channels.