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During the initial 30 minutes of the first game of the year, Broadleaf’s Entitlement Microservice seamlessly handled 40,000 requests per minute which scaled to a peak of 56,000 requests per minute, with services at only 25% load.

Major Sports League, Vice President of Software Engineering

Leverage Integrations

Combined with Broadleaf’s Subscription Microservices, user entitlements help up- and cross-sell activities across channels and services.
  • Full support and integration with Broadleaf Subscription and Catalog Microservices
  • Integrate with third-party Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Centrally manage digital entitlements with Broadleaf’s admin console
  • Integration support for third-party app stores like Apple, Google Play, and Amazon
Subscription Microservice

Experience a Microservice Framework

A centrally managed entitlement solution that supports complex distribution and consumption models at scale requires a technical architecture that is performant, extensible and made for integration.
  • Entitlement framework designed with extensible components using open technologies including Java and Spring Cloud
  • Support high volume demand
  • Auto-scale using technologies like Kubernetes and Docker
Entitlement Microservice Tech Stack

Microservices for quick delivery, iteratively replaced at your discretion

Use what you want, or incrementally move your existing platform to a microservices architecture. Adopt services and sunset portions of your legacy platform in a way that is less disruptive to your business.
Cloud Ready

Cloud Native

Architected from the ground up to be cloud friendly and best-of-breed, better together with a single React-based administrative console.
Rapid Development

Rapid Development

Start up the stack and run immediately, then introduce your own key decisions - change what you want, when you want.
Deep Customization

Deep Customization

Broadleaf microservices provide a clear path to override any of our components, configuration, and/or security.
Cassie Gaston
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Cassandra Gaston, Customer Success at Broadleaf