Practical Investment. Limitless Potential.

Agile and affordable, nothing on the market today compares to Broadleaf. Our eCommerce framework is unmatched when it comes to scalability, customization, and low total cost of ownership. Contact us for a price quote.

Basic Search & Browse
Basic Cart & Checkout
Basic CMS, PIM, CSR, & CRM
Black-Box Free, Fully Customizable
Community License (<$5M USD Annual Revenues)
Enterprise License (>$5M USD Annual Revenues)
Offers & Promotions
Personalized Ad Targeting
Bundled / BOGO / Code-Based Offers
Fully Customizable / Tiered Promotions
Customer Loyalty Programs
In-Cart Messaging
Search & SEO
Smart Search Faceting
SEO: Customizable URLs & Redirects
Typeahead Search
Display Promoted Products in Results
Customer Service (CSR)
CSR - Assisted Shopping
Price Overrides / Account Credits
Searchable Orders, Payments, Items
Fraud Alerts
RMA Processes
Cart & Checkout
Cart Rules
Account Credits / Promotion Storage
Advanced Payment Methods
Fulfillment and Warehouse Integration
Customer Management
Registered/Unregistered Customers
Wish Lists
Rules-Based Customer Segments
Customer Self Management
Progressive Customer Profiling
Contract Pricing
Quote Management
Workflow & Activities
Granular Admin Permissions
Collaborative Workflow / Approvals
Schedule Deployments
Global and Site Level Permissions
Site-Level Overrides for Updates
Vendor Portals
Cross-Vendor Shopping
Expedited Vendor Onboarding
Order Management System (OMS)
Blocked Order Management
Order Management APIs
Expedited Bulk Orders / Quick Reorder
Split-Order Fulfillment
Content Management System (CMS)
Centralized Administrative Console
WYSIWYG Editor for Widgets / Content
Personalized Content Targeting
Content Testing / A/B Testing
Themes / Theme Variables
Sandbox Environments / Site Previews
Support for Shared Deployment Solution
White Labeled 3rd Party Solutions
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Catalog-Specific Pricing Parameters
Unlimited Product Options
Flexible, Rule-Based Price Lists
SKU Creating & Management
Assign Themes Across Catalogs
Catalog Management APIs
Shared Catalogs Across Sites / VEndors
Multi-Currency Management
Multi-Channel & Device Management
Multi-Lingual Management
Multi-Brand Management
Multi-Site Management
Multi-Tenant Management
Community Docs
Enterprise Docs
SLA Backed Support