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SEO Redirects

Introduction to Broadleaf Commerce Redirects


Redirecting Customers to the correct to information is critical for any e-commerce site. Broadleaf Commerce out-of-box provides support for two of the most important redirects types.

URL Redirect

A URL redirect is a way to send a URL/link from one place to a different URL.

Search Redirect

A Search Redirect a way to direct a search result to a particular url.

URL Redirects Admin Page

The URL Redirects admin page is located under the Content Module and URL Redirects Section.

Note: Red text denotes required field

Fields Description

Incoming URL

The user typed-in URL


The page/URL were the request should go

Redirect Type

What http request code should be used for the redirect request

Search Redirects Admin Page

The Search Redirect admin page is located under the Search Module and Redirects Section.