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Merchandising Product Bundles & Product Add-Ons

Merchandising: Product Types

Introduction to Product Add-Ons and Product Bundle


The out-of-box Broadleaf Commerce framework, with Product Type Module ; establishes three classifications of products: Products, Bundles, and Add-Ons.

Product Add-Ons allow business users to build dynamic configurable products and product bundles.

Add-on Product

An Add-on Product and its management is the exact same as a regular Product except with two(2) major caveats:

  • Does NOT show up in search results.

  • Does NOT have a product details page.

These behaviors are default but, like everything else in the framework, can be changed through customization.

Product Bundle

A Product Bundle and its Admin page is the exact same as a regular Product with the added Bundled Product field.

Product Bundle: Bundled Product Field

The "add" for a bundled product brings up a modal with the following tabs.

Tabs Descriptions


Specify the [Add-On Type]


Determine if the sku price of the add-on product is already included in the bundle pricing of if the sku price of the add-on should be added to the bundle pricing


Specify if the quantity, or amount, of the add-on product included as part of the bundle is a fixed amount (e.g. 2 apples make apple bundle) or a range (e.g. 2 - 4 apples make apple bundle).


see Audit

Product Bundle: Add-on Type

Admin users can add products to product bundles in groups or singularly by specifying the Add-on Type of the Bundled Product.

Specific Product

Add a single product to the bundle

Choose Multiple

Add all products belonging to a defined Product Group

Choose One

Customer can add a single product from a set of products defined by a Product Group