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Merchandising Price List, Sales & Contracts

Price List, Sales & Contracts

This guide will walk you through the basics of creating and using Price List


A Price List in BroadleafCommerce allows the catalog administrator to provide alternate prices for the same Product/SKU. These prices are reflected during the browse process (as opposed to discounts/offers) which would be reflected as savings in the cart.

Price Lists can be used to solve a number of complex business needs including the following:

Customer specific pricing

For example, you could have a discounted pricing for loyalty members.

Locale based pricing

The Broadleaf private demo provides examples using separate formula based price lists for each country and currency

Seasonal based pricing

It is simple to setup date and time based pricing.

Hierarchical Price Lists

The Broadleaf private demo shows a currency based price list "Euro" that can be extended for a country (e.g. "France")

Rule Based Price List Determination

In addition to the time, locale, and customer based rules above, the module uses a rules engine that can be used to easily develop implementation specific rules.

Explicit or Formula Based Pricing

A pricing administrator can explicitly set prices for each product or can use rules and formulas to set dynamic prices. As an example, an administrator could setup a price list that gave 10% off the sale price of all items in a given category and then make this price list available only to certain customers.


Sales are a specialized versions of Price List.


Contracts are a specialized versions of Price List.

Price List, Sales, and Contracts Admin Page

Tabs Descriptions


General information where Admin user describes characteristics about the Price List


Where Admin user can set the rules that govern the Price List

Price Modifier

Where Admin user can describe how prices should change for the Price List


see Audit Tab


Set basic information fields about the Price List such as

  • Name

  • Currency

  • Promotion Message

  • Active Dates (when Price List should be active)

  • Priority


Set which customers and/or under what pricing context in which the Price List should be applied too.

Price Modifier

Admin users can add, edit, and delete Price Modifiers. Price Modifiers are things that describe how a price of a product should be modified. An example of this is would be a Price Modifier that instructs the system to "take 20% off the sale price" or "subtract $10 from the MSRP"