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Merchandising Customer Segments

Merchandising: Customer Segments

This guide will walk you through the basics of creating and managing a `Customer Segment`


The Broadleaf Customer Segment module adds the capability to create rule or list based groups of Customers that can be targeted for Offers, PriceLists, or ContentTargeters. This allows you to create and advertise promotions or pricing that targets a precise subset of your customer base.

Customer Segment Admin Page

The Customer Segment page is compromised of 1(one) Tab and 2(two) field groups

Field Group Descriptions


General details and fields describing the composition and characteristics of the Customer Segment


Specify if Customer Segment is active and if it has purchase requirements.


The details Field Group is where admin users specify how the list of customers is composed for a Customer Segment. The list can be composed (out-of-box) in 1 of 2 ways.

Rule Based

The Customer Segment is composed of all customers that match that specify set of rules.

Customer Set

The Customer Segment is composed of a specific, user defined, set of customers