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Merchandising Cart Rules

Cart Rules

This guide will introduce the basics around Cart Rules.


Cart rules give businesses the ability to automatically manipulate a customer’s cart based on the items added to the cart or the state of the cart. This would often be used in conjunction with an offer, to reward the customer with an additional free/discounted item. Business users have the ability to define when the Cart Rule should trigger, and what actions should be taken once it is triggered.

For example, when the qualifier product is added for your BOGO offer, the admin user may want to automatically add the offer’s targeted product to the customer’s cart.

Additionally, business users have the ability to say whether or not the Cart Rule’s actions should be reversed if the cart no longer qualifies for the Cart Rule.

Cart Rules Admin Page

Tabs Descriptions


General information where Admin user describes characteristics about the Cart Rule


Where Admin user can add, edit, and delete Cart Rule Actions


see Audit Tab


The first Field Group contains fields that describe basic characteristics of a Cart Rule such a name, action that causes rule to trigger, and how many times per order the rule can trigger.

The second field Group is a collection of rule builder fields that the admin user can use to describe the condition(s) that must be met in order to trigger the Cart Rule. The condition(s) can either be something related to items in the cart or something about the Order in general.

By default, there is also the ability to limit the Cart Rule to a specific Customer Segment


This where the admin user can describe what actions should be taken once the Cart Rule has been triggered. The user can specify things such as…​

  • Adding items to cart

  • Removing items from cart

  • How many items to be moved

  • Which product should be moved.

  • Specify whether or not the action should be reversed if the cart rule no longer applies.