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The Broadleaf Sandbox Bar

The Enterprise version of Broadleaf provides the ability for all changes to be contained to various Sandboxes.


The Sandbox Bar is a tool located at the top of the screen that allows you to change and interact with the various sandboxes configured for your Broadleaf Admin application.

Anatomy of the Sandbox Bar

sandbox bar annotated


Name of current Sandbox


Sandbox selector icon


Sandbox Bar Messages


Sandbox Bar Actions

Sandbox Bar Messages

The Sandbox Bar will display relevant messages that describe the current Workflow State of the item being viewed.

Sandbox Bar local change message

sandbox bar local message

Sandbox Bar changes awaiting approval message

sandbox bar existing pending message

Sandbox Bar newly created item message

sandbox bar new message

Sandbox Bar with new created item awaiting approval message

sandbox bar new pending message

Sandbox Bar rejected change message

sandbox bar rejected message

Sandbox Bar Actions

The available Sandbox Bar actions change depending on the current Workflow State of the item, or field, being viewed.

Sanbox Bar in local change state

sandbox bar local actions

Sanbox Bar in promoted change state

sandbox bar promoted actions