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Admin Navigation Menu

This guide will teach you the basics of navigating the default Broadleaf Admin application using


The left navigation bar is where all Broadleaf Admin Modules reside. The navigation menu is the base for navigation point to all the Admin Modules and Admin Sections within the admin application.

Different Admin Module and Admin Section will be visible depending on the user’s particular implementation of the BroadleafCommerce framework and how the Admin User Permissions are setup.

Anatomy of the left Navigation Menu

Admin Module

An Admin Modules generally represents an overlaying concept related to managing the eCommerce application. These include, but are not limited too, Catalog, Pricing, Content, Search,etc.

An Admin Module consist of a name, icon, and list of Admin Sections.

Admin Section

An Admin Section is a section designated to a particular item, or entity, in the Admin application. Clicking/Navigating to any Admin Section will load all the items (entities) and display them in an Admin List Page.

Admin Modules and Admin Sections

Sample list of default Admin Modules and corresponding Admin Sections

Admin Modules Admin Section


Catalogs, Category, Product, Inventory, Product Options, etc.


Menus, Content Items, URL Redirects, Media Assets, etc.

Customer Care

Accounts, Customers, CSR Orders, Customer Segments, Return Authorizations, Gift Card Accounts, etc.


Theme Configurations, Widgets, Content Zones, etc.


Regional Forms, Messages, etc.


Offers, Price List, Contracts, Sales, etc.


Redirects, Relevancy Rules, Type Ahead Configuration, Search Facets, etc.


Sandboxes, Custom Fields, Admin Users, System Properties, Page Types, etc.

Site Updates

Current User Changes, Approvals, Workflow Audit, Deployments, Change History, etc.


Standard Sites, Template Sites, etc.